History, Culture and Mystery

History is all around you...



     Have you ever in life encountered something so beautiful that it moves your soul...  haunts your mind...  and changes your life forever? 


     My first visit to Savannah was in 1995 on a day trip from Atlanta where I was vacationing.  I vividly recall entering the city on Bull St., and nearing the historic district I felt literally as if I had entered a new world.  I took in the massive live oaks draped in Spanish moss swaying on a warm Savannah breeze, and it was as if I could feel the trees breathing all around me.  I saw architecture which I could reach out and touch on a scale more grand than I could have ever imagined.  I felt the energy of a place rich in history, culture, and style yet cloaked in an air of mystery.  I saw Savannah for only one afternoon, but the memories generated from that brief encounter never left me.  Savannah was like the most beautiful woman I could dream of smiling at me in passing...  and I looked back at her with a smile of my own.  Like true love once found and then lost, Savannah became that splinter in my mind that I could never quite forget.


     Fast forward.  After leaving Pittsburgh and a brief stint in Orlando I was ready for a change, and so in 2008 I made the move and here I am now.  For me to say that this city has exceeded expectations would be an understatement on the grandest scale.


     As much admiration as I had gained for the city I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be giving a tour of it someday.  I had no knowledge of its history other than it being a colony at some point in time.  But in those first years as I explored this fascinating place, Savannah revealed herself to me... her history, her beauty, and her mystery.  As I became immersed and stories were revealed I realized that even the stones upon which I walked had a story to tell.  So for over the last decade I have been listening to and collecting these stories...


    And what good is a story if never told?